US President Donald Trump has responded to a question from a Japanese reporter by saying he only speaks American.

The Japanese journalist from Nippon News Network, an affiliate of Nippon TV, stood to ask Trump a question on trade relations with Japan, but the President was thrown off by a language that wasn’t American.

“You are foreign news – I only speak American,” Trump told the reporter.

“I also speak a bit of ‘Merican too.”

After the reporter said he was from Japan, Trump asked if he was Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s brother.

“You two look identical. Say hi to Shinzy boy for me,” said Trump.

“Great guy, tremendous guy, great swing.”

Trump said he only knew “a few words in Asian”.

“I know ‘ichi, ni, san’, ‘sushi’, ‘sumo’, and ‘Great Wall of China’.”

Image: Twitter/@ABC