The number of ‘atsui ne’s verbalized today reached a year high peak in the Kanto region.

The average number of ‘atsui ne’s per Tokyo resident reached above seven at around 10:20 a.m.

The ‘atsui ne’ phenomenon – closely related to the ‘samui ne’ phenomenon – of stating the obvious does very little to relieve the speaker from the extreme weather conditions, yet is often an uncontrollable temptation.

Daily ‘Atsui Ne’ Chart

The receiver of the ‘atsui ne’ has no option but to agree by replying ‘soudesune’ or repeating the phrase ‘atsui ne’, and then thinking to themselves, “Of course it’s bloody hot!” – only later to repeat the same phrase themselves to some innocent bystander a short while later.

‘Atsui ne’s are expected to reach similar levels for the remainder of this week, next week, and the next few months.

Image: Pakutaso