An additional 5,491 people instantly tested positive for coronavirus as soon as Japan made the announcement that the Tokyo 2020 Olympics would be postponed until 2021.

This brings the actual total number of people infected by the virus in Japan to more than 7,000 – although the number of people who unknowingly have the virus will be at least double that figure.

The Japanese government decided to lockdown schools during the initial stages of the pandemic to broadcast to the world it was doing enough to slow the spread of the disease, so it could somehow miraculously still hold the Olympics – while millions of people made their daily commute to work on packed trains.

“Japan will go into full lockdown now the Olympics can’t be saved,” Prime Minister Shinzo Abe told reporters.

The government’s cover-up of the spread of the disease and inaction to curtail a surge in cases will cost thousands of lives.

Image: Reuters