A man who arrived in Japan late last year has been surviving on wild berries for the past 78 days looking for exit 27K in Shinjuku Station.

Michael Leggart was confident heading from his Shinagawa hotel to Shinjuku Station that he would be able to find his desired exit with a cutting edge GPS tracking device and several maps of Tokyo.

Nearly three months later Leggart has yet to find his destination and is barely surviving on onigiri bought with his last yen and any wild fruits he can find growing in the less frequented parts of the station.

Last week, Leggart had his first taste of meat since December after crossing paths with a wild boar.

“I tracked ‘old piggy’ for several days before catching the beast and strangling it with my bare hands,” said Leggart.

Leggart set up camp complete with an open fire just outside train track number 22, spit roasting the hog to a medium-rare consistency.

“That was one of the good nights,” said Leggart.

Leggart has found exits J and F and feels his goal is within arms reach.

“I’m starting to really feel the pinch now with my tourist visa expiring in a couple of weeks,” said Leggart.

Image: Flickr/DickThomasJohnson (edited TRW)



  1. This can’t be true. The wild boar are in Tokyo station, not Shinjuku.

    Don’t you guys have a fact checker?

    Shinjuku has hakubishin-civets and raccoons, which are only good for gyoza filling — after you run out of stay cats.

  2. I was station in Japan for 4 years , I used to ask for directions in there, it doesn’t matter if you don’t speak Japanese they will find a way to help you !! I don’t believe is true …

  3. Can’t be true. He could have easily gone to a customer service counter or approach anyone to just ask where the exit was!!

  4. Shinjuku station doesn’t have track 22 lol
    it must be Tokyo station but no one (except company staff) can stay inside of any stations in Japan anyway.


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