Kansai Electric Power Co. Chairman Makoto Yagi will be detained for consecutive months without a clear path to freedom after allegedly receiving gifts from a former government official closely connected to the firm’s nuclear power plants.

“We’ve decided to follow the same procedures as we did for Gaijin Ghosn,” Tokyo prosecutors said.

“The only difference is Ghosn has probably been framed for underreporting certain figures because Japanese executives didn’t like the fact that a foreigner was undermining their authority.”

In contrast, KEPCO officials, including Chairman Yagi, received ¥318.45 million ($2.9 million) worth of gifts from the late deputy mayor of Takahama, Eiji Moriyama.

“And these are just the gifts we know about.”

In related news, a former KEPCO executive said on Wednesday he had received gifts worth large sums of money in the mid 1990s suggesting the nuclear industry has been bribing rural government officials for decades.

“You have to ask yourself, why are there no nuclear power plants in big cities?”

Image: AFP