Scientists in Japan have invented a humanoid robot with the superhuman ability to initiate conversations with customers.

“I couldn’t believe it – I was standing there all silent-like when RoboConvo-3000 asked me how my day was going,” said Yumi Hamada.

“I said, ‘good’, and then it asked me a follow-up question – I felt as if the future had well and truly arrived.”

The inventors of the robot cashier have stressed that RoboConvo-3000 remains in the development stage.

“It still struggles to put coins on top of bank notes when handing back change to customers,” said lead researcher Ryosuke Takai.

RoboConvo-3000 will also refuse to chase customers out of the store if small amounts of change are left behind, outrageously preferring to think it was left intentionally.

Image: Wikipedia/Kanesue (edited TRW)


  1. Too true! I was so shocked today when a restaurant cashier began to chat with me and asked me where I was from in Japanese. It took me a few seconds to even remember where I was from, my shock was so great! You guys are the best site ever!!! Love love love it!!


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