The Japanese government is attempting to develop a Shinzo Abe cyborg it believes can rule the nation for all eternity.

“He will never die – or be removed from power,” a Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) spokesman told reporters.

Japanese citizens have expressed a strong interest in the project saying it will eliminate any need to think about politics at all.

“This voting business is so last century, if we have an Abe-bot we can work an extra hour every couple of years,” says salaryman Hitoshi Nagasaka.

Developers of the Abe-bot say it will have the ability to perform elite powers of contradiction and political spin.

“The Abe-bot will have the capacity to preach about ‘womenomics’ while simultaneously failing to enact policies to fund the construction of new childcare centers,” said Abe-bot project head Kenji Tsugimoto.

Tsugimoto told reporters that with artificial intelligence it could one day figure out how to convince the population to revise the constitution and remilitarise the country.

“The adult-sized robot can display real human expressions so it is much more relatable than human Abe.”