Gaijin cafe providing a safe environment for interaction (初の「ガイジンカフェ」が原宿にオープン)

The first petting gaijin café has opened in Harajuku today with large crowds keen to get up close and personal with a gaijin in a safe regulated environment.

Foreigner fans began lining up last night for a chance to get near or pet a gaijin on their tiny heads.

“My favourite was the rare female gaijin with blonde hair – she was so confident and feisty,” said one customer.

Others crowded outside the café windows to catch a glimpse of a gaijin from a healthy distance.

Cost of entry starts at 1,500 yen, which gives customers the chance to play with a gaijin for a fixed 30-minute time slot, while remaining safe in the knowledge they can end the interaction and go home at any time.

The municipal council has assured local residents the gaijin have been appropriately quarantined and all male gaijins neutered.



    • They get room and board only. A futon and all the sashimi they can consume. The people who visit can buy a bowl of sashimi and feed it to the gaijin during the course of their 30 minutes.

  1. I bet that even if they work even thirty hours a week, they don’t get pension or any kind of insurance!


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