A desperate, thirsty white human has strayed thousands of miles from its natural habitat and wondered, exhausted and jet lagged into the major Japanese nightlife city of Roppongi in central Tokyo.

The male human, visibly weak and seemingly ill, lay despondently on the ground for hours on Tuesday night after quenching its thirst in a couple of bars and clubs.

“It was seen after dark scavenging around Roppongi,” environment minister Taguchi Naoto told reporters.

“It is still moving around the city, under observation by locals, who are keeping their distance.”

A local resident who filmed the gaijin close up as it was rolling around on a sidewalk, said it was unclear what had brought the animal to the city, although it was possible it had simply got lost.

He said it had watery eyes and could clearly not see well.

Local authorities said the gaijin was spotted today entering a love hotel.

Image: Pixa