A few foreigners commencing a Saturday afternoon drinking sesh have declared Strong Zeros to be the “ichiban f***ing saikou nomimono desu”.

“At any given moment, I can walk to a konbini within 150 meters and buy a tasty Strong Zero beverage that will get me halfway to drunk town for around 100 yen,” says gaijin group member number 1.

“It’s so good, and so yasui.”

The group of foreigners are currently sitting in a gutter in downtown Shibuya contemplating whether to go into an actual bar.

“We could pay 700 yen for one drink while sitting in a bar with a restricted number of women to talk to, or we could just sit on the streets and have unlimited access to hot women walking past,” says gaijin group member number 3.

After consuming their “9 per centers” the men will turn from “zeroes to heroes” and have the courage to say “kawaii ne” to unsuspecting female bypassers.

“I just hope one of them isn’t my student,” says gaijin group member number 2.

Image: Flickr/chinnian